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Fckg Exhstd.

Okay fine. Puasa tak lama lagi. So I have three stick of Sneakers  to be finish before this upcoming fasting fever. Feverlah sangat. Korang korang dan korang dah habis ganti puasa ke belum. Kalau belum kite tak geng. Sebab aku dah lama ganti. Bhahaha.

Well, banyak benda yang aku fikir lately ni. I've been gone for a while, I know. And I think it's going to disturb me, foremost. Tapi one thing yang aku nak cakap, just be yourself no matter how hard it is. Macam dalam cerita Hard Die tu. Okay tadi aku ada mention pasal just be yourself kan. So faham tak apa maksudnya tu. Actually it is just a simple words to utterly understand. Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind. Renung renungkan lah ye.
Aku letihlah. Penat dengan karenah manusia. Seriously, I've been going through a lot of things, too many things on my mind, too much things to take into mind. I'm stressed, but now, not anymore, I think. I'm so packed with stacks of works and time hasn't been exactly the best of a friend that I really need right now. I have to make a lot of decisions. Sacrifices, for me, for my life. But that's not the reason for me to keep 'sighing'. Really tired kan macam ni. Why people like to take for granted. 

Yesterday, while I was reading journal book, I thought of something that it does seems really familiar to everybody. And I found that feelings can change, but memories don't. I mean, when hating someone that known as 'hater' or what on, the feeling can be heal by some of miracle medicine. Aku tak tahu macam mana nak explain, tapi memang benda ni happen. Okay lets take an example.
Ada A dan B. A benci gila kat B ni, but, in one time that A don't even know when, A dah jadi tak benci. Dan mungkin A akan cakap sorang sorang "Kenapa aku nak benci B ni". Walhal B dah ada life dia yang better and, significantly, B dah letak jawatan sebagai haters A. So nampak tak kat situ ada liaison dekat situ. So A, c'mon ah. Jangan terlalu meletak sesuatu pada dasar negatif and people can change. Nobody can help B to change, but once B has changed, be prepared to forgive B.

Entry kali ini touching sikit. Sorry bro. 

P/s: no p/s for this entry. Later. Take care Malaysian.

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